Who Are We?

Since 1985 BaSHRA, formerly known as Bahamas Family Planning Association has been the most distinguished community-based organization concerned with sexual reproductive health and rights. We internationally supported alternative public health and advocacy provision has served thousands and is committed to sexual well-being and rights through educational programs, clinic services, exchange of information, ideas, and networking from a variety of disciplines. BaSHRA has become more involved in advocacy actions, primarily for women and youth ages 14-25, including changes in public policy to recognize sexual rights in overall health as a human right. Over the years financial and In-kind support from individuals, government, public/private companies, foundations, and international agencies have sustained this work throughout The Bahamas.

An invaluable resource, BaSHRA ensures tools to promote sexual health and rights for everyone. For every stage of an individual’s life cycle “womb to tomb”, sexuality education is meant to foster healthy human development. Health interventions in BaSHRA clinical services and products have the goal of promoting, maintaining, and restoring safe sexual health. Sexual reproductive research is a component of evidence-based knowledge that underpin BaSHRA work to advance and maintain quality sexual health products and services.

Meet Our Team

President: Philadenrin Russell
Vice President: Noeleha Forbes
Directors: Denise Major, Fran Dillet, Valentina Bethel, Jessica Johnson

Staff Members

Kevon Lightbourne, Executive Director (Volunteer)
Judith Cooper, Nurse-in Charge
Mary Curry, Bookkeeper / HR Manager
Kate Gardiner, Operations Manager
Allyssa Moxey, Administrative Assistant
Janiero Bullard, Assistant Health Educator
Anastacia Williams, Host


Lady Anne Marie Davis
Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson
Mrs. Marion Bethel
Gaynel Curry