BaSHRA Committees

Fund-Raising – Manage the financial affairs and makes necessary recommendations regarding cash flow management, performance against budget, including oversight of BaSHRA financial policies.

Sexuality Education -provides advice and support in the area of sexuality education and health promotion and oversees the quality of educational activities undertaken on behalf of BaSHRA.  A group that promotes healthy, sex-positive, and comprehensive sexuality education through lectures, workshops, and classes.

Sexual Rights – monitors government legislation on public health issues and responds to breaches of sexual rights throughout The Bahamas to provide evidence-based advice on sexual rights.

Media Communications – advises BaSHRA on issues related to public relations, marketing, and broader public-facing activities and member communications campaign in mediums such as web, digital, print, and radio.  Assist with branding and marketing efforts with a particular focus on member education product strategy.

Membership – addresses the interests and needs of patient and associate members, communicating their concerns to BaSHRA institutional building and supporting their relationship and involvement in BaSHRA activities.

Youth Initiative – addresses the educational needs of adolescents/ younger people, communicating their concerns to BaSHRA leadership and supporting their membership and involvement in BaSHRA activities.


To provide outstanding service, happy experiences, and quality healthcare to all members