Plan Your Visit

To achieve the best health, you need to be an active member of Bahmas Sexual Health & Rights (BaSHRA). One way to be involved in your health care is to prepare for and actively participate in your visits with your health care provider. This fact sheet outlines steps you can take to get the most from your health care visit.

In case of emergency call 911

When you make your appointment, be clear about why you need to see the health care provider:

  • Do you need an annual checkup? Follow up, or regular appointment with your health care provider?
  • Is your visit about a new problem? Be sure to say whether you need to see the health care provider right away (is your problem urgent?).
  • Is your visit to see a nurse, health educator, or physician? Bring your BaSHRA Membership Medical Card with you to the visit for fast, efficient, and member-priced services. Also, make a list of questions or concerns you have.

Write Down Your Signs and Symptoms

Bring Your Past Medical Records (new members)

Think About Bringing a Support Person

Finally… check our product comparison and services list to better prepare upon arrival and for payments.

The relationship between a health care provider and a patient is an important one. As a patient, you should play an active role in this relationship. To get the best care, be prepared for your health care visit. Do not be afraid to ask questions or speak up if you are concerned about something. If you need treatment, know the risks and benefits