BaSHRA works to make health care accessible and affordable. Members are charged a nominal or low fee for products and services. Sexual and reproductive health planning and general health care services and cost may vary.

Consultations are confidential to ensure respect and dignity on topics as follows:

  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education related Trainings, Seminars, Workshop and Webinars
  • Pregnancy
  • Abstinence
  • STIs
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Relationships
  • Gender-based Violence
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health

Here are some of our highly interactive and informative programmes:

  • Vaginal Health – My Vagina and Me
  • No Baby Mamma Drama – A Young Man’s Approach to Delaying Fatherhood
  • Baby Can Wait – Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Adolescents & Young Adults
  • Contraception 101 – Overview of Oral, Injectables, IUDs and Subdermal Implants
  • Teaching the Birds & the Bees – Curriculum for Teachers and Youth Leaders
  • HIV in The Bahamas – An Overview of HIV Prevention & Treatment in The Bahamas
  • Ugly Bugs – What to Know to Protect Yourself from STIsGood Touch/Bad
  • Touch – Simple Approaches for Primary School Students
  • Relationships 101 – Communication Skills for Couples
  • Talk to your Child about Sex – Strategies for Parents